NHS health and care professionals from across South Yorkshire came together to launch the Clinical and Care Professional Leadership (CCPL) framework for NHS South Yorkshire. CCPL is health and care professionals and people in local communities, working in partnership to make improvements happen across the health and care system.

Working with the national development team Dr David Crichton, Chief Medical Officer for NHS South Yorkshire, brought together over 40 colleagues for an afternoon workshop which was designed to develop a shared vision for the South Yorkshire CCPL framework. Setting the scene for the afternoon, Chair Pearse Butler provided highlighted the importance of implementing the framework across South Yorkshire.

Dr Crichton said “Partnership working forms the foundation of NHS South Yorkshire, we are fortunate to have strong existing partnerships that we can build upon when develop our framework. My aim for the workshop was to provide colleagues guidance in understanding the leadership requirements for developing a localised CCPL framework.

A successful framework needs to be fully inclusive and reflect the wide range of professions that we are lucky to have across South Yorkshire.

“The workshop was a great opportunity to capture different views from people working across our four places and understand the work required to implement the changes needed to make CCPL happen. Collectively colleagues discussed a wide breadth of topics from the benefits and opportunities to potential challenges. From the workshop we were able to identify priority objectives and actions to keep up this great momentum. A report detailing the outcome from the workshop will be shared for comment across colleagues who attended and also those who were unable to attend that day. I look forward to developing our local framework further in the coming months. Thank you to all those who attended.”

The afternoon consisted of patient stories and presentations covering the work undertaken so far to develop the framework, including collaborations from Sue Cassin, Chief Nurse (Rotherham), and Richard Crosby, Head of Clinical Services (Sheffield), for the combined efforts to implement the COVID-19 vaccine campaign across South Yorkshire. Chioma Nnamdi, Medicines Optimisation Lead Pharmacist, spoke about the campaign to reduce opioid prescribing.

Glyn Butcher, a local South Yorkshire resident who joined the workshop, shared his lived experience around accessing integrated mental health services across our boroughs and from this how he now dedicates his time alongside others to support people as a peer support worker. Sir David Pearson, National Local Government Advisor and Maria Smith, Senior Programme Lead – Leadership and Learning from the NHS England, also provided support from a national perspective engaging with colleagues throughout the workshop.