In South Yorkshire we are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our diverse communities.  To  better understand the needs of our populations and to inform our strategic plans we have undertaken a high level analysis of the health of South Yorkshire’s population.  The review includes a summary of existing health outcomes for our population as well as looking at the wider impacts and risks to health and wellbeing. The aim is to provide a holistic population level view of health and its determinants.  While the authors recognise each place will have its own assessment of health and needs via JSNAs, this review is unique in the sense that it focusses on the whole South Yorkshire population.  To access the review, please click on the following link.

A review of the health of South Yorkshire’s population 2022/23 Report 

A review of the health of South Yorkshire’s population 2023/24

Please also see this useful interactive summary of the health in all our Places as well as across South Yorkshire  - Picture of Health Tool for North East and Yorkshire.  We are grateful to our colleagues in the North East and Yorkshire Local Knowledge and Intelligence Service (LKIS) for producing these on behalf of all ICB and Local Authorities in the North East and Yorkshire.  

We also recommend you look at the JSNA for each of our Places: 


Monitoring our impact

Linked to the health review, we have developed an outcomes framework that links our activities to the goals and ambitions set out in our ICS strategy and our Joint Forward Plan. 

The purpose of the Outcomes Framework is to provide the ICB, partners, staff and the public assurance that we are united with our partners across South Yorkshire in improving health and reducing inequalities.  By focussing on outcomes we can identify the high level areas for improvement, highlight the common challenges in our system and inform action. The key objectives of the framework, are:

  • To provide high level intelligence about our populations needs and factors that influence health outcomes including the wider determinants of health
  • To monitor and hold ourselves to account for the actions we said we would take
  • To be a tracking tool that allows us to assess our progress over time and on the impact we are having on inequalities

Please note, while the current version of the tool is available, more work needs to be done to improve visualisations and interpretation of the data. Also  more indicators will be uploaded over time including data that can be broken down by key inequalities such as deprivation or ethnicity.

To access the Outcomes Framework, click here

For more information about the review of health needs or the Outcomes Framework please email