This page has been developed to enable you to access the latest advice and information for community pharmacy.  Please click on the following links for this information.

Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework:

For contractual requirements and resources to support delivery of nationally commissioned services please visit:

Community Pharmacy England Homepage - PSNC Website


Prescribing Resources

Please click on the following links to access resources:

PrescQIPP subscriber benefits - community pharmacists - December 2023 - England

Medicines Shortages 

Please click on the following links to access information:

Medicines Shortages letter to GP practices and community pharmacy teams

Reporting Potential NHS Fraud

To report potential NHS fraud, including fraudulent prescriptions please click the following link:

NHS Counter Fraud Authority online fraud and corruption reporting tool (

Contact Information 

For queries, concerns and issues relating to any nationally or locally commissioned services please contact Claire Thomas, NHS South Yorkshire ICB Community Pharmacy Clinical Lead


For any contractual queries or issues relating to Community Pharmacy terms of service please contact: