The South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board 5 year plan can be found here.

We publish our Annual Report and Accounts following review by internal and external auditors and approval by our Board. Our first report and accounts for 2022/23 will be published, once approved, in 2023.

Prior to the formation of the Integrated Care Board, our four Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) produced an Annual Report and Accounts for 2022/23, Quarter 1. Each report will be available soon.

For independent investigation reports and serious case reviews published in relation to South Yorkshire patients please click here

Spending over £25K Report -  Sheffield (June 2022)

Spending over £25k Report - Rotherham (June 2022)

Spending over £25k Report - Barnsley (June 2022)

Spending over £25k Report - Doncaster (June 2022)

Spending over £25k Report - July 2022

Spending over £25k Report - August 2022

Spending over £25k Report - September 2022

Spending over £25k Report - October 2022

Spending over £25k Report - November 2022

Spending over £25k Report - December 2022

A healthy planet is fundamental to human life and health. Climate change is a healthcare emergency and we have a huge responsibility to take action to limit our environmental impact and improve population health and reduce associated health inequalities.

The NHS South Yorkshire Sustainability and Green Plan, produced in collaboration with our partner organisations, highlights the work that we have begun to meet the ambitious targets that we have set ourselves over the next three years. The progress we make in the next three years will inform our next iteration of the plan that will take us closer to achieving a net zero NHS South Yorkshire.