We are collaborating with VCSE partners to develop a VCSE Alliance. The Alliance will enable VCSE organisations to participate in the ICS in a variety of ways including networking, information exchange, co-design opportunities on shared priorities and participation in South Yorkshire level ICS meetings. 

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is in development to set out how the ICS and VCSE will work together to improve health and care outcomes for residents of South Yorkshire. The MoU has been developed by VCSE organisations through a series of co-design workshops and was presented to ICS governance boards. The MoU can be viewed here

The draft terms of reference for the developing Alliance can be found here

Please note: The terms of reference is a draft and is still undergoing development with partner organisations.

Mental Health Learning Disability Dementia Autism Inpatient Quality Transformation Programme Launch - 22 November 2023

VCSE member: Tony Clabby, Men Actually Talking Together (MATT)

1/The first thing to feedback is how encouraging this presentation was. There seems to be a genuine desire and appetite to Localise and Realign Mental Health Inpatient Services and a move away from patients feeling that they had been “sent away”

2/ Four service areas are already being looked at in terms of Localising and Realigning Inpatient Provision





3/ The plan goes live with the ICB in June 24 and will run over 3 years

Mental Health Learning Disability Dementia Autism Strategy Delivery Group - 17 November 2023

VCSE member: Tony Clabby, Men Actually Talking Together (MATT)

1/ Action Log – in response to my raising the point that Dementia wasn’t included in the housing needs, it was reported that Dementia is now included in the scope of this work. Each Local Authority is doing work as well as the joint work across the ICS.

2/There was a presentation by Leeds & York Foundation Trust on Operation Courage – the NHS Armed Forces Offer for Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing in the North – contacts for info 0300 373 3322 email OperationCourageNorth@cntw.nhs.uk

3/ Dementia Diagnosis – SY&B ICB is the top ICB area for dementia diagnosis rates and Rotherham is listed in The Guardian as being in the top 5 nationally

4/Follow up on the Children and Young People’s SY wide online service for 10-25 year olds – This service has been directly awarded to Kooth with any existing anomalies between areas now addressed.

5/ Safe Space Update – MOU and Service Spec done and panel assembled. Tender issued on 30/11/23 and evaluations will be carried out between8-22/01/24. The Autism Only team should be in place before Safe Space, the draft spec is with the ICB Commissioners.

6/ To note – On 14/12/23 a memorial service for people who have died by suicide will be held at Whiston Manorial Barn

Mental Health Learning Disability Dementia Autism Strategy Delivery Group

VCSE member: Tony Clabby, Men Actually Talking Together (MATT)

  1. It was agreed that the 4 different contracts (all with the same provider) for the provision of online support to young people should be rolled into one contract when the contract tender is reissued early next year. This should address the anomalies between the 4 contracts, which were raised during the meeting.
  2. South Yorkshire Police reported that they are now moving into Phase 2 of "Right Care Right Person" and it was noted that the issue of people walking out of Mental Health placements will be deferred until Phase 3
  3. During the finance report I was taken aback to learn that South Yorkshire spent a staggering amount last year on out of area MHLDDA placements.


VCSE member: Claire Rintoul

  1. The MHLDDA Strategic Delivery Group supports the recommendation to procure one contract for Children and Young People’s online mental health provision across South Yorkshire, instead of holding four separate contracts at each Place, subject to the four Place boards agreeing.
  2. The ICB is formally supporting Oliver McGowan Training for learning disability and autism.
  3. There is an aim to reduce out of area placements – not only are the expensive, they impact on the service user’s local networks and relationships. The Strategic Delivery Group would be happy to hear of any suggestions from providers who could help with support for learning disability, mental health and autism placements – contact Sarah Boul for a conversation.

People and Culture System Delivery Group

VCSE member: Mark Story, SCCCC

1 - Discussion surrounding the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan which sets out three actions (Recruit, Retain, Reform). I asked a question about whether or not this included the voluntary sector and received clarification that it didn't, but the ICB is keen to identify where we can enable all sectors. Discussion about placement congestion to which I commented that many in the voluntary sector would be more than happy to host. We just need to know about them (to be picked up with Clair Clark, Learning Environments and Placements Lead).

2- With the focus on an integrated care workforce I asked if - considering the actions of recruit, retain reform - and given the links between the voluntary sector and the wider system Apprenticeship Levy could be transferred to the voluntary sector from those who pay the levy (to be picked up with Pam Case, ICB Apprenticeship lead).

3 - NHSE have recognised that refugee recruitment is important and is holding a large recruitment event in Sheffield in November. It may be possible to open this up to the voluntary sector but we need to avoid confusion - making it clear in terms of routes. Of course this is much wider than a November event and is more about systematically engaging with the refugee population.

4 – We are separately looking at how can identify and support priority upskilling gaps across VSCE. This includes linking with NHS Procurement collaborative to understand plans for bid writing support sessions.

Upcoming Events:

Please find below the upcoming VCSE Alliance event dates. Further details will be released in due course.

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Past Events:

Monday 16 October 2023
VCSE and ICS: Working Together Event: Strengthening VSCE Participation in the Integrated Care System 

The South Yorkshire VCSE Alliance hosted its fourth event on Monday 16 October. Please find below the presentation slides from the event:

Event Presentation

Wednesday 14 June 2023
VCSE and ICS: Working Together Event

The South Yorkshire VCSE Alliance hosted its third event on Wednesday 14 June. Please find below the presentation slides from the event:

Spotlight on Children and Young Peoples Alliance, Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism Provider Collaborative and Mental Health, Learning Disability, Dementia and Autism Strategic Delivery Group

Developing a VCSE and ICS Strategy

Sheffield Mental Health Waiting Lists Project

Doncaster VCSE Digital Inclusion Project

Tuesday 21 March 2023
VCSE Alliance Event

Colleagues from across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw joined us for our second VCSE Alliance event on Tuesday 21st March 2023. The afternoon focused on our continued development journey as a VCSE Alliance and covered future priorities to further strengthen partnership working across the integrated care system and tackle system challenges together including health inequalities. Gavin Boyle, Chief Executive of NHS South Yorkshire joined attendees to launch the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership Strategy and discussed opportunities for shaping implementation. Find out more about our ICP strategy here.

During the event, we held a workshop to gather perspectives on the four “Bold Ambitions” detailed in the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership Strategy. In each of the four focus groups, we considered barriers, enablers and opportunities for collaboration. Please see here for the full feedback captured from this session.  

To view the event presentation slides for all of our speakers click here

Thursday 3 November 2022
Voluntary Sector and NHS South Yorkshire Working Together Event

More than 100 colleagues joined us for our the ‘Voluntary Sector and NHS South Yorkshire – Working Together’ event at the New York Stadium in Rotherham on 3rd November. Shafiq Hussain, our VCSE Partner Member on the ICB and the Chair of our developing VCSE Alliance spoke about our journey to strengthen collaboration and tackle system challenges together including health inequalities. 

To view the presentation slides click here

Local Health and Social Wellbeing

Here you can access the contribution of the VCSE sector in Yorkshire and Humber June 2023 reports.  Please click on the following links:

The contribution of the VCSE sector in Yorkshire and Humber report 

The contribution of the VCSE sector in Yorkshire and Humber summary report