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On 1 July 2022, following several years of locally led development, recommendations from NHS England and NHS Improvement and Royal Assent of the Health and Care Act (2022), 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) will be established in England on a statutory basis, including the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System.

ICSs are made up of all the public services that provide health and care, the NHS, GPs, local councils and the community, voluntary and social enterprise sector. They will work together to provide high quality services and benefit local people as much as possible to:

  • improve outcomes in population health and healthcare
  • tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience and access
  • enhance productivity and value for money
  • help the NHS support broader social and economic development.

ICSs will also deliver care more efficiently, avoiding duplication and needless visits to hospital but ensure those who do need to go to hospital can benefit equally from the same high standards of specialist care.

Each ICS includes:

  • an Integrated Care Board (ICB) – a statutory NHS organisation responsible for developing a plan for meeting the health needs of the population, managing the NHS budget and arranging for the provision of health services in the ICS area. ICBs replace clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). Our ICB is called NHS South Yorkshire.
  • an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) – a statutory committee jointly formed between the NHS Integrated Care Board and all upper-tier local authorities that fall within the ICS area. The ICP will bring together a broad alliance of partners concerned with improving the care, health and wellbeing of the population. The ICP is responsible for producing an integrated care strategy on how to meet the health and wellbeing needs of the population in the ICS area.

The first meeting of the Integrated Care Board takes place in public on 1July 2022 and a recording of the meeting and details can be found on the new NHS South Yorkshire website https://southyorkshire.icb.nhs.uk/.